Darling Dramas: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition at Rippon Lea House

Being a lover of dramatic overdressing and crime, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the TV show that is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Based on the book series by Kerry Greenwood, Miss Phryne Fisher, lady detective, seems to always find her well-heeled foot in crime. She investigates with a pearl-handled gun, 1920s convertible, and the dashing Detective Inspector Jack Robinson in tow.

How could I not pay a visit to the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition at Rippon Lea House? Dressed in my best Miss Fisher trench (and on my birthday to boot), I dragged my husband out to this stunning historic home, easily accessible by public transport from Melbourne’s CBD. Rippon Lea is also Miss Fisher’s home in the TV series, and you can recognise many of the locations from the show, including the entrance, tennis court and swimming pool.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition

Miss Fisher changes outfits multiple times every episode, with a fashion for every occasion. Speakeasy? Bring the sequins. Tennis match? White on white. St Kilda Esplanade? Try french riviera chic. Breaking and entering? Stylish black beret. Featured in the exhibition are some of the fabulous outfits from the third season.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition
Only in TV land can a feisty heroine get away with wearing white to a crime scene. Sigh. I can’t even wear white to dinner.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition
Let’s face it, the more sequins the better.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition
As an avid sewer and lover of all things vintage, I adore the fabrics used in these pieces. They have swatches on hand so you can feel the beautiful silks and velvets they used in the design (without reaching over to touch all the costumes).
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition
A fluffy boudoir outfit…
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition
At the end of the exhibition you can try on a costume – these big fluffy jackets were very fun! All the older ladies were enjoying watching me try them on. On the right is my all time favourite costume with the stunning flower details on the hat. I really want that hat.

After perusing the costumes, my delightful husband took me for morning tea, with a slice of cake and tea. The old stables have been done up as a cafe and tea room. We reclined on the copious amount of velvet couches in the old brick building.


Rippon Lea is also the perfect location for swanning. If you go for the exhibition, make sure you spend time exploring the beautiful gardens and outbuildings, which are just as spectacular as the costumes inside.

Rippon Lea House
Ahh for the days of conservatories…
Rippon Lea House
Taking a stroll around the house as if I owned the place… I wish. One can only pretend.
Rippon Lea House Swimming Pool
A bit cold for a swim, but a beautiful pool.
Rippon Lea House Gardens
It was a perfect day for strolling through the gardens at Ripponlea.

The Miss Fisher’s Costume Exhibition is open daily at Rippon Lea House from 10am – 4pm until 30 September 2015. Entry is $20. You can find out more about the events and exhibition here.