Double Exposure by Kat Clay Book Cover

Double Exposure

1948. Portvieux City. A scandal photographer shoots a brutally murdered woman through his lens.

But only he can see her.

Thrust into a mystery that threatens his very reality, the Photographer must uncover the truth about the missing woman before he’s framed for the crime.



Clay is clearly a powerful writer, able to lift images out of the ordinary and into originality.

Dark and beautifully paced, Double Exposure is a fascinating combination of noir styling with paranormal elements that work in a seamless manner... Cleverly constructed, and particularly for this non-enthusiast for the paranormal, unexpectedly believable, Double Exposure is written with considerable aplomb and style.

— The Adelaide Review

It reminded me a little of Paul Auster's New York Trilogy, another noir narrative that slipped from the hardboiled into something else. That's a big comparison but the writing here is solid, making this a very well executed debut.

— Australian Crime Fiction

— Iain Ryan