Double Exposure by Kat Clay

Double Exposure Book Launch

I am having a book launch.

You should come.

Yes you, reading this post. I expect you to take every tram, train, bus, bicycle, horse and dirigible at your disposal to attend.

It’s a big deal for me, because it’s my first book launch (hopefully not my last, but you never know).

I may wear a fabulous hat to celebrate.

If the hat has swayed you to come, the details are below. Feel free to invite your friends.


When: 7pm Monday 28th September 2015

Where: Loop Bar, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne

ABOUT THE BOOK: Double Exposure

1948 Portvieux City. A scandal photographer shoots a brutally murdered woman through his lens.

But only he can see her.

As the Photographer uncovers the truth about the invisible woman, he delves into the seedy city, where a missing photographer leaves a legacy of lust, and the border between dreams and reality slowly dissolves like a negative in acid.