What people are saying about Double Exposure

My debut novella Double Exposure is just about to be launched and I’ve received some fantastic reviews so far.

“Dark and beautifully paced, DOUBLE EXPOSURE is a fascinating combination of noir styling with paranormal elements that work in a seamless manner. Whilst ensuring that many noir conventions are incorporated – the violence, the doubting internal voice, the femme fatale, the dark places, and the nastiest of human motivation – the inclusion of the paranormal elements and the weirdness of the disappearing corpses doesn’t jar, it actually seems to fit… Cleverly constructed, and particularly for this non-enthusiast for the paranormal, unexpectedly believable, DOUBLE EXPOSURE is written with considerable aplomb and style.” – Aust Crime Fiction

“Double Exposure is a fascinating story.” – Crime Fiction Lover

I’m also interviewed on Crime Fiction Lover here – they asked some great questions about the book and where the inspiration came from.

If you like listening to podcasts, the cool kids from the Morning Bell invited me on their show, and we talk about Jurassic World, the death of childhood movies and how to create a great book opening.

Finally, if you’ve read the book and you’re on Goodreads, I’d love for you to write a quick review and rate the book here.

If you’re a reviewer or blogger and would like to review the book on your site, please email [email protected] for an ARC.

The above vintage card is licensed under Public Domain from the Miami University Libraries on Flickr.