Cat sitting on printer with the text box saying Where I'll be at Continuum 14

Where I’ll be at Continuum 14

It’s fast coming up to the June long weekend, which means Continuum time!

Continuum is Melbourne’s speculative fiction convention for fans and authors alike. It’s a great chance to meet other like-minded people, talk about nerdy stuff, listen to panels, do karaoke and be inspired. As a writer I come back feeling inspired to write more. Even more exciting is that the Australian Shadows Awards will be having a real, live ceremony at Continuum, and I’m up for an award. You can check out the entire program here.

Here are my panels and whereabouts:

Friday 8:30pm – Is it Worth Learning Polish? Meet the GUFF Delegate

I’ll be interviewing Marcin “Alqua” Klak about being the GUFF Delegate

Have you ever wondered how SF literature and fandom do look like in Poland? Whether there are some authors worth reading or conventions you should attend? Marcin Klak – this year’s GUFF delegate will talk about Polish genre literature and his love for fandom – both in Poland and other European countries.

Saturday 4pm – Horror in Translation

Kat Clay, Likhain, Stephanie Lai

Ghosts, zombies and hell screens – discussing the history and influences of Asian horror stories, plus what’s happening now and who you should be reading/watching.

Saturday 5pm – Australian Shadows Awards

I’m up for an award for non-fiction criticism, come along and support me 🙂

Monday 11am – Speculative Detectives

Devin Jeyathurai, Josh Melican, Kat CLay, Narrelle M. Harris, Robert Hood

With shows and books like the Expanse and Altered Carbon, the cross-genre detective is making a comeback in a big way. Why is it so easy to mash-up the detective story with speculative fiction? And what makes a great genre-bending detective? These fans and authors discuss where these pulpy detectives come from, the best (and worst) stories and how to write one without falling into the trope traps of hardboiled PI meets femme fatale.

There’s still tickets available – I’d love to see you there. Let me know if you’re coming in the comments below.