The Hammersmith Haunting Call of Cthulhu book cover with a picture of a ghostly woman in front of a cemetery

The Hammersmith Haunting – Call of Cthulhu RPG now in print

Late last year I released my first ever Call of Cthulhu game. Well, I can’t believe it but The Hammersmith Haunting is now in PRINT! 🎉 I am so thrilled with how it has turned out.

The Hammersmith Haunting is a gaslight scenario born out of my love for Victorian era ghost stories. A little bit about it is below:

London 1890: ghost fever grips the suburb of Hammersmith. For three days, no person can sleep without experiencing terrible nightmares, and locals swear to have seen a ghostly medieval woman stalk the streets. Investigators find themselves trapped in Hammersmith, confronted by ghost hunters and an all-pervading fog. But is the ghost all that she appears? Or is there a more sinister reason for the haunting…

The game could be run over 1-2 sessions and would make a great starter for a longer campaign.

A huge thanks to the team at Chaosium including Michael O’Brien, Nick Brooke, and Meredith from One Bookshelf, for being SO patient with me as I bumbled my way through print specs. And to Keith Mageau for his excellent edit of the game.

This was originally written through Storytelling Collective’s excellent ‘Write your own adventure – Call of Cthulhu’ course. When I set out to write it, I only expected to sell a couple of copies to friends and relatives, let alone see it in print.

For those of you who got a copy when it came out, I’ve done a big edit and update to the PDF document as well, which you can re-download through your DriveThruRPG account.

So if you like cantankerous old ladies with shotguns and deadly London fog, you can grab a print or digital copy here.