Double Exposure ebook cover on tablet

Double Exposure – Novella out now!

Well folks, it’s finally here! My hardboiled horror novella Double Exposure is baaack! I’m really proud of this little book, and I’m so excited to be re-releasing it with a smashing new cover.

If you like femme fatales, old cameras, sinister mysteries and all out noir, Double Exposure is the book for you.

Double Exposure by Kat Clay Book Cover

About Double Exposure

1948. Portvieux City. A scandal photographer shoots a brutally murdered woman through his lens.

But only he can see her.

Thrust into a mystery that threatens his very reality, the Photographer must uncover the truth about the missing woman before he’s framed for the crime. Tracking down an artist that might hold the clue to solving the murders, he delves into the seedy city with the help of Miss Loretta Marne, a society belle with a sinister past.

As the truth comes out, the border between dreams and reality slowly dissolves like a negative in acid.

Here’s what Robert Hood, one of Australia’s top horror writers, had to say about Double Exposure.

“Clay pulls no punches in this noirish tale, offering readers a hardboiled, lively read – engrossing, no-holes-barred, weird yet sharply real. You’ll devour it relentlessly, even if the world comes to an end in the meantime.”

You can buy a copy of Double Exposure at the handy link below on all your favourite e-book sites. If you’ve already read it and loved it, I’d appreciate an honest review on Goodreads and Amazon.