Young woman reading book, close-up, on home interior

#VicReads Lockdown Reading Challenge

As many of you know, Melbourne is back in lockdown for six-weeks. While we’ve got through this before, it was a difficult time for many people, myself included.

I wanted to do something positive to support Victorian writers and bookstores during lockdown, so I’ve created the #VicReads lockdown reading challenge.

For six weeks, I’m reading a themed book, especially focussing on Victorian writers (that’s Victoria the state, not the time period!). This is to give me something to focus on and hopefully get us through lockdown a little bit easier.

Starting today I’ll be reading:

  • Week 1: A science fiction novel by a Victorian author
  • Week 2: A mental health book
  • Week 3: A book set in Melbourne
  • Week 4: A book by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander author
  • Week 5: A book bought at your local bookshop (or library)
  • Week 6: A 2020 new release by a Victorian author

You don’t have to be Australian to join in. Tag your posts on social media with #VicReads. I’d love to see what you’re reading.

Let’s stay strong in lockdown!