New Year’s Revolutions

I’m excited about 2011; there’s a lot of great things on the horizon. Late last year I finished writing my first novel The Memory of Blood, and now I start the scary process of approaching publishers and agents.

Writing is really important to me, and every New Year’s Day I decide to start another book. This year I’m going to write a novel called Songs in the Night, about a group of aliens who discover the joy of music. It’s a metaphoric journey about the role music plays in being human and how important it is to have creativity in life, even in the hardest, most difficult parts of our own personal journeys. I can’t say much more, but I’m excited about it.

It feels a little bit back to square one, but I just have a great sense about this year being a good year. After all, if you don’t put anything into the world, you don’t get anything back.

When you think about what you’d like to do this year, dream big! It’s a really great feeling to get to the end of a year and then cross off those things you always wanted to do. Especially if you’re writing a book, then try to get it finished by December! It’s a great feeling of relief, exhaustion and celebration, but most people never get there.

So here’s to 2011: The year fraught with rejection slips and hopeless determination to become a bonafide novelist.