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I’m speaking at Flights of Foundry this weekend

I’m speaking at the online con Flights of Foundry this weekend! While I’ve been sad about all the con cancellations this year, I couldn’t be happier to be participating in an online convention. The programming has just been released and they have some wonderful panels on offer. I’m really looking forward to attending some of the panels on writing for games and developing RPGs. They’ve even gone to the effort of making recipes for your own personal con suite!

I’ll be speaking on the following panels:

Elements of Mystery and Noir

Sunday 17 May 11am AEST

How to use elements of mystery and noir to plot speculative fiction. May include discussion of common reader expectations, tropes, and recommended reading.

With Joshua Bilmes, John Murphy, Kat Clay and Laurence Brothers.

Speculative Horror: A modern survival guide

Monday 18 May 10am AEST

How do you write nightmares in a time period that so often seems nightmarish? The panel will talk to you about coping mechanisms, strategies and markets to send work to as well as talk about some of their own favourite pieces of speculative horror and what we can learn from them.

With Alasdair Stuart, Scott Johnson, Catherine Lundoff, K.M. Alexander.

Tickets are donation based, with a recommended donation of $30 USD, available here.

Hope to see you there!