Continuum 12 Conbook

Continuum 12 – Stranger than Fiction Panels

I’m so excited about this year’s Continuum speculative fiction convention in Melbourne. I’ve been on the committee to help organise this year’s event, and the programming looks fantastic. There’s a great range of topics and creators speaking this year. If you’re in town for the long weekend, why not come along and check it out? Friday night is open to all for the cost of a gold coin.

My panels are:

Friday 10th June 6-7pm: Retro but Cool – 90s Point and Click Adventure Games Being a massive gamer, I can’t wait to talk about the games I grew up on from LucasArts and Sierra.

Saturday 11th June 11-12: Cosplay 101

Sunday 12th June 10-11am: Where’s Rey? Why are female characters so underrepresented in popular fiction and why is it, when they *are* represented, the merchandising is nowhere to be seen?

Sunday 12th June 11am-12pm The Short Novella: I’ll be talking with Marlee Jane Ward and Brooke Maggs on how to write one, and some of my own experiences writing Double Exposure.

Sunday 12th June 8-9pm: Collaborative Writing – How to find a writing buddy (or group) and not kill them three days later!

Sunday 12th June 9-10pm: Consent in Spec Fic – Is a lack of consent the most terrifying thing in storytelling? Are there limits to how far it should go? Is this the essence of true Horror?

You can find the full program online at

I’ll also be bringing out my best costume to the Maskobalo, but you’ll have to come along to see it 😉