Authors Aidan Doyle and Michelle Goldsmith at Continuum

Continuum 11

I’m excited to be speaking at Continuum 11 in Melbourne on the Queen’s birthday long weekend. If you’re going to the con, please come and say hi! You can also be one of the first to get your hands on my debut novella, Double Exposure.

My schedule is as follows:

Sunday 7th June 10am

Weird Fiction
Kat Clay, Michelle Goldsmith, Rob Hood
What is this mysterious genre called weird fiction? What makes something weird as opposed to dark fantasy or horror? And why are there giant squids? Find out all you ever wanted to know about this genre popularised by authors such as Jeff VanderMeer, Neil Gaiman and China Mieville.

Sunday 7th June 8pm

Individual Presentation: Social Media Marketing 101 for Writers
Kat Clay
Come and learn marketing and social media from a professional digital producer. This workshop will cover why you need to have a Web presence as a writer, what social media channels are suitable for your work and where to set up a simple website. This workshop is aimed at beginner social media users.

Monday 8th June 11:30am

Book Launch: Double Exposure
Kat Clay
Calling all dames and detectives! Double Exposure is the debut novella of weird fiction author Kat Clay. 1948. Portvieux City. A scandal photographer shoots a brutally murdered woman through his lens. But only he can see her. As the Photographer uncovers the truth about the invisible woman, he delves into the seedy city, where a missing photographer leaves a legacy of lust, and the border between dreams and reality slowly dissolves like a negative in acid.

Monday 8th June 2pm

Crossing Genres
Margo Lanagan, Lindy Cameron, Kat Clay
Romance with your Paranormal and your Mystery. Fantasy with your Steampunk. Zombies with your Western. How to make the mix work.