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And Then… the Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales Vol 1 Now Available

I’m stoked to be in my first anthology ever with some amazing Australian authors! And Then… the Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales Vol 1 is now available as an e-book, with paperback to come. It includes my short story, In the Company of Rogues, a satire on all the tropes in the epic fantasy genre. Randall the Rogue has contracted a carnally transmitted illness from too much ‘rogueing’. Together with his sidekick, Dennis the Budgerigar of Doom, he goes on a quest find the cure, fight half-elves in chain mail bikinis, battle necromantic skeletons, and potentially fall in love.

I would love it if you bought the book, wrote a review or spread the word about this fantastic genre anthology. Melbourne launch dates are to come!

About the book

Rip-snorting action adventures of the What If… What Next… and, most importantly, the And Then… kind.

A cohort of Australia’s best genre fictioneers, and one bold Kiwi, present a fabulous and strange collection of action-packed adventure stories – each featuring two heroes.

Welcome to And Then… Volume One, in which 15 authors travel in time and space from Australia of the Gold Rush to an all-too possible dystopian future, from the Outback to Europe in the 1950s and the 21st Century, and from an apocalyptic New Zealand to worlds of steampunk fantastic and outer space exotic.

Their heroes are flawed and fabulous, brave and humble; and their tales are enriched with panthers and budgies and demons and dragons – all manner of creatures real and endangered, ridiculous and heroic.

And Then… the Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales Volume 1 features:

An introduction by Janeen Webb and stories by:

  • Sulari Gentill
  • Jason Nahrung
  • Alan Baxter
  • Jason Franks
  • Lucy Sussex
  • Amanda Wrangles
  • Evelyn Tsitas
  • Peter M Ball
  • Narrelle M Harris
  • Dan Rabarts
  • Kat Clay
  • Sophie Masson
  • Tor Roxburgh
  • Emilie Collyer
  • Tansy Rayner Roberts