2023 Awards Eligibility Post

I always find awards eligibility posts a bit weird. You’re an outside chance at best when you’re not based in the US or UK. Especially if you’re published in a subscription mag vs a free-to-read publication.

But I published one short story this year, and it’s a bloody good one.


The Black Box Killer was published in January 2023 in Interzone 294. It’s a science fiction story about the Bureau of Redaction. It’s experimental. A bit weird. Inspired by New Wave SF and David Fincher movies. Riffs on moral absolutism. And the layout is a work of art.

Warren Ellis had nice things to say about it:

“THE BLACK BOX KILLER by Kat Clay is a really clever piece about human redaction that impressed me from the start. There’s Alfred Bester in there, and Philip K Dick, but it’s very much its own thing, and it bodes well for this new era of INTERZONE.”

Warren Ellis

So did Maria Haskins, who called it “fabulous and ingenious”.

Better yet, you could go read it and make your own mind up.


I’m also eligible in Best Fan Writer categories. I’ve written a bunch of game reviews for nothin’ but free copies over on my YouTube channel. I’ve won the Australian Ditmar Award for Best Fan Writer two years in a row. See what the fuss is about.