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  • Genrecon 2017 Wrap Up

    Genrecon 2017 Wrap Up

    Last weekend went to one of the biggest writing conventions in Australia: Genrecon. It’s held every two years in sunny Queensland. I had a blast last time I went, so I wasn’t about to miss out this time. The last four months have been tough for me and I came into Genrecon feeling creatively spent.…

  • I’m chairing a panel at Genrecon!

    I’m chairing a panel at Genrecon!

    I’m really excited to tell you all I’m chairing a panel at Genrecon in November with some fantastic genre fiction authors. Yay! The panel is: Surviving the book launch (and the lull that follows) 1:30-2:30pm Sunday 12 November First the book comes out and it feels like everyone’s talking about it. Then the book’s been…

  • Continuum 13 Wrap-up

    Continuum 13 Wrap-up

    After every convention I go to, I try to put some meandering brain thoughts into words, so that everyone can partake of the wonder that is a speculative fiction convention. This year Continuum 13 was the Australian National Science Fiction Convention. Last year I’d been on the committee for Continuum, so this year was an entirely…

  • Upcoming appearances: Continuum 13

    Upcoming appearances: Continuum 13

    Heading into the Queen’s Birthday long weekend is always an exciting time in Melbourne, because it means it’s Continuum time! *Waves arms in excitement*

  • Notes from the World Fantasy Convention 2016

    Notes from the World Fantasy Convention 2016

    If you’ve seen me scrawling down notes (or in recent times, typing) at a con, you’ll know I take a lot of notes in panels. I’m interested in what people say and it helps me engage with the content. I also love to share this information, especially for people who can’t make the conventions. So…

  • World Fantasy Convention 2016 Wrap up

    World Fantasy Convention 2016 Wrap up

    I’ve just got back from a two week trip in the US which included attending the World Fantasy Convention. I had a great time catching up with friends, meeting other authors and attending panels. Unfortunately I won’t be going back to the World Fantasy Convention for a while, mainly because I can barely afford one…