Headshot of Kat Clay, a blonde woman with white skin wearing a tentacled bomber jacket

My creative work

The Well of All Fear

The cover of the Regency Call of Cthulhu Game, The Well of All Fear. It has title text and a painting of a mysterious regency woman looking at a well.

A routine investigation takes a dark turn in this adventure for Regency Cthulhu.

The Hammersmith Haunting

The Hammersmith Haunting Call of Cthulhu book cover with a picture of a ghostly woman in front of a cemetery with elaborate text

Ghosts by gaslight! Discover the bestselling one-shot for Call of Cthulhu.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure by Kat Clay Book Cover

A 1940s scandal photographer uncovers a supernatural mystery in this weird-noir novella.

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