Cosplay gallery

Yennefer of Vengerberg Witcher cosplay

I absolutely love doing cosplay! In fact, my Mina Harker cosplay won best amateur cosplay at Supanova many years ago, and my Yennefer of Vengerberg Cosplay won a prize at the World Science Fiction Convention. I mostly cosplay video game characters and enjoy making people laugh with my outfits.

Yennefer of Vengerberg Cosplay – The Witcher

This is one of favourite and most detailed cosplay costumes ever. I sewed it all myself, including all the pearl detailing on the sleeves. Given the popularity of the Witcher is only increasing, I’m hoping to bring it out again this year.

Overburdened Wastelander cosplay – Fallout

I love the humour of the Fallout games, so I wanted to do a funny cosplay. Hence ‘Overburdened Wastelander’; so much of Fallout is inventory management… Note the duct tape and globe. This was made from a reclaimed jumpsuit from the op-shop, which felt like a very Fallout thing to do.

Varric Tethras cosplay – Dragon Age

Damn, I love Varric Tethras. I handpainted a Nerf gun to resemble his beloved Bianca. Jacket is made from reclaimed leather jackets, however I will never do this again – it was so difficult to sew with!

Nate Drake and Elena Fisher Cosplay – Uncharted

Elena Fisher and Nate Drake from Uncharted Cosplay

This was a fun, low-key cosplay of everyone’s video game couple goals. I am basically the IRL Elena Fisher – I’m a photographer and video producer by trade, and I love going hiking and travelling.

Westworld cosplay

Cosplay of Dolores from Westworld

Paying tribute to our robotic overlords. This was a very quick to make cosplay (also stretchy and super comfortable). Could also double as a Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume.

Mr Darcy costume

Woman dressed as Mr Darcy in costume

This was a ridiculous bit of fun for Austencon 2019. After all, there’s always a lack of gentlemen at country balls. The jacket is a vintage Austrian wool jacket I bought in a Paris flea market for 20 euros.