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Free e-book giveaway! 10 Tips to Take Better Phone Photos

Ever got photo envy? Why are their photos so much better than mine? Chances are, a few little tweaks could take your photos from average to amazing.

One of the main things I get asked as a photographer is how to take better pictures on a phone. I think everyone can learn how to take great photos, so I wrote a little e-book about it and I’m giving it away for free! It’s called 10 Tips to Take Better Phone Photos.

When I was just starting out as a photographer, these are the kind of things I would have loved to know. I talk about using better angles, lighting and setting focus on a phone. These tips are general enough that it doesn’t matter what sort of phone you have.

To get a free copy of my ebook, all you have to do is sign up for my monthly e-newsletter. It’s that easy. I send out my newsletter chock full of photography and writing tips every month, as well as updates on my adventures. I’m not going to spam you or sell your email address to other people.

So what are you waiting for?


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  • gratefulgypsies May 6, 2017  

    Awesome! Can’t wait to dive into this! I’ve been looking for this very thing. Perfect timing!

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