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Blacksad Fatale book covers

A Femme Fatale, Samurai and Jane Austen: Good Books - Summer 2017

Some months, there’s a unifying theme to the good books I read. And sometimes, you get a femme fatale, gymnastics […]

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Blanket Bay

Hiking the Great Ocean Walk - What You Need to Know

The Great Ocean Walk runs along the southern coast of Victoria, Australia. Despite a couple of steep sections, the short […]

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Organ Pipes National Park

Hiking Organ Pipes National Park - Photos

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for me, and I always know that when everything feels overwhelming the best […]

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Header image of Genre fiction authors

28 Epic Short Story Tips from Australian Genre Writers

With the recently released And Then… anthology chock full of amazing Aussie authors, I couldn’t resist drawing on their collective writing […]

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